Resolving basic issues encountered while using AT&T internet services


While using internet services of AT&T, you may sometimes face technical issues. However, there are some minor problems that you can troubleshoot on your own. But at the same time, there are some which need proper tech support or assistance.

Read on to know the procedure to troubleshoot some basic att Internet issues.

Connectivity issues:

Are you having trouble with your wireless and a wired connection?

First of all, ensure that your computer system has an active connection with the gateway. You will be connected either with wirelessly, Ethernet cord, or both.

Do you have a slow Internet?

A number of things can brunt the Internet speed. To enjoy the peak performance of Internet, there are a few tips to boost your Internet Connection, click here.

Email issues:

How to diagnose difficulties in emails?

It is easy to troubleshoot Internet or issues in AT&T service with the help of an online tool. However, to resolve some issues, you may get a request to enter the Primary Member ID and password, created at the time of establishing AT&T service. Find here the online tool to troubleshoot email issues.

How to recover the forgotten email password?

If you wish to recover the email account back, you have to reset or change the password.

How to verify the email client settings?

In case, you attempt to access your AT&T account via an email client, there are several things that can affect the account performance.

Try the following tips if you are facing difficulty in receiving and sending emails:


If you have signed in to your email account:

  • Make sure that the email you are expecting is not in the Spam folder.
  • Go to the settings (the gear icon at the top right corner)
    • Ensure the addresses from whom you are expecting an email is not on your ‘Blocked Addresses’ list.
    • Go through the Filter section to make sure that email land up in the correct folder.
  • First, log out your account and again sign in back.
  • Try to log in your AT&T email account from a different web browser.
  • Clear your cache and cookie. Several times, they slow down the browsing speed.
  • From your browser options or browser settings, enable JavaScript. Also, ensure it is completely up to date.
  • Sometimes, add-ons and browser tools conflict with the email access, thus, disable them.
  • Enable an up to date Adobe Flash Player.
  • In case, any of the above-mentioned tip doesn’t work for you then compose a text email and send it to Within two minutes, you will receive an auto-response if everything is running okay.

If you are using an email client such as Windows Live, Apple Mail, or Microsoft Outlook:

Note: AT&T High-Speed Internet Service comprises online self-help toll and web-based emails. Other companies provide client-based email products such as Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, or Microsoft Outlook. If you require any help with an email client that you are using with AT&T services, interact with our technical support professionals.

  • If you are an AT&T U-verse customer or AT&T High-Speed Internet users and uses an email client, click here. In case, you use MAC, to get started click here.
  • Check whether your messages are in the Outbox folder or not. If so, first remove the messages and then send a new message.
  • Go through common email error codes to know their resolving steps. Alternatively, if you receive Error 553 while sending or receiving emails from an account which is not provided by AT&T, you may need to verify your email address before continuing.
  • In case, any of the above-mentioned tip doesn’t work for you then compose a text email and send it to Within two minutes, you will receive an auto-response if everything is running okay.

Check the settings of your email client:

Email Program Settings Field: Enter :
Incoming (POP):
Outgoing server (SMTP): (authentication is required)
Incoming mail server: POP3
Incoming/Outgoing User Name: Full AT&T email address along with domain (For instance:,
Incoming mail port# 995, secure connection (SSL) checked
Outgoing mail port #: 465, secure connection (SSL) checked

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