SafeLink Help: Learn How You Can Apply For A SafeLink Phone 1-866-404-5844

SafeLink is the best way to enjoy free wireless service if you are enrolled with Government support programs such as Federal Public Housing Assistance, Medicaid and Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit. SafeLink offers a limited minute of free calling and text messaging services.

A large number of people enjoy the SafeLink wireless service but they also have to come across some common SafeLink issues. To resolve such issues, you can contact the SafeLink support or here is a SafeLink troubleshoot guide you can employ to resolve all your queries and issues.

SafeLink Issues

  • SafeLink data not working
  • SafeLink not able to complete call
  • SafeLink not registered on network
  • SafeLink not getting texts
  • SafeLink internet not working
  • SafeLink phone not making calls
  • SafeLink not getting minutes
  • Unable to activate SafeLink sim card

SafeLink Troubleshoot Guide

How To Apply For A SafeLink Phone?

If you want to have a SafeLink phone, you can follow these points:

  • Before applying for a SafeLink phone, make sure you are eligible and come under Government employee category.
  • Go to website and click on
  • On the next page, enter your zip code to make sure that SafeLink service is available in your area.
  • If there is SafeLink availability in your area, the next page will open to a application form.
  • Enter your personal details such as name, address and social security number.
  • After entering all the details, verify that they are correct. Click on ‘Click Here to get your phone ‘ and your application will be submitted.

How To Resolve SafeLink Not Able To Complete Call Issue?

If you are having issues in placing calls with your SafeLink phone, you can try the following troubleshoot method:

  • Check your phone and confirm that you are not on Airplane Mode.
  • A weak signal can also cause call drop issue. Make sure you are not in an area which is surrounded by tall buildings.
  • If you are in a harsh weather, you may not be able to make calls due to network issue.
  • Verify that you are not using a third party app. Always use your default calling app as they are created especially according to phone’s specifications.
  • Make sure you are using the latest software in your device. Using an outdated software can also cut down your calls.
  • You can perform a soft reset for your device. Simply switch it OFF, remove the SIM card for a minute and insert it again. Turn ON your phone and try to make the call.
  • You can also take help from SafeLink customer support by dialing the SafeLink phone number.

How To Activate A SafeLink Phone?

To activate a SafeLink phone, follow these steps:

  • After opening the box and taking out the cell phone out, make sure to charge it for sometime so that you can make changes accordingly in your device. Your device may take around one hour to charge 100%
  • Take out the activation card which you received for your SafeLink phone and follow the instructions given.
  • After following the instructions, press the power key till your device is turned ON.
  • Test your device by calling to a number and calling your SafeLink phone from some other number. If you are able to perform both these tasks, your phone is activated successfully.
  • You can dial the SafeLink phone number to get SafeLink activation online help.

How To Resolve ‘SafeLink Internet Not Working’ Issue?

You can troubleshoot the SafeLink internet issue by following these points:

  • Most of the SafeLink phones come with default APN settings which you can change accordingly. For example, the setting of your mobile APN should be this if you have a ATT or a Verizon phone –
    • APN Name – SafeLink
    • APN – tfdata/ For Verizon – TRACFONE.VZWENT
    • Proxy –
    • Port – 80
    • MMSC – / For Verizon –
    • MMS Proxy –
    • MMS port – 80
    • MCC – 310/ For Verizon – 311
    • MNC – 410/ For Verizon – 480
    • Authentication Type – PAP
    • APN Type – default,default,mms,supl,hipri
    • APN Protocol – IPv4
    • APN Roaming Protocol – IPv4/IPv6
  • If your APN setting is set accordingly, check if you are having internet in other devices or not.
  • Make sure your ISP is supplying the internet on your connection.
  • If you are using internet on your device for the first time, it may take it some time to run smoothly.
  • Make sure you have not opted for Automatic Update as your device may use a major part of your data in update and you will have to face slow internet.
  • You can also talk to a SafeLink executive and get complete help by dialing SafeLink phone number.

Troubleshooting SafeLink Not Getting Texts Or Sending Text Issue

Follow these steps if you are having issues in sending or receiving texts on your SafeLink phone:

  • Make sure you are not using a third-party app for texting as the app may interfere with normal working of mobile and it can stop the texting service altogether.
  • Open the Message App setting and make sure you have not selected the Force Stop
  • Check your network and make sure you are having enough network to operate messaging.
  • Try sending the messages with different locations. There are some areas where you do not get enough signals to send or receive texts consistently.
  • Check your device software and make sure it is up to date.
  • If there are cache files stored in the messaging app, delete them.
  • If you are unable to use texting service even after a soft reset, you can perform a hard reset as it will delete all your preferences and setting making your phone brand new.

You can also take help by dialing the SafeLink customer service phone number.