Self-Installation Guide For Spectrum TV And Internet Devices


Are you new to Spectrum and want to get the TV or Internet devices installed? Well, you can easily do this by yourself. Our self-installation guide will help you out. Be it a Spectrum receiver, modem or a Wi-Fi router, you can easily do it. Just follow the given instructions and start using the seamless services offered by Spectrum. If you have any other queries related to Spectrum services, feel free to reach our Spectrum helpline number 1-866-404-5844.                              

Spectrum Receiver Self-Installation Guide

Installing the receiver by yourself is quite easy. Follow the given steps:

Step 1: Connect Your Spectrum Receiver

 For the best ever picture quality, we suggest connecting your TV and receiver using an HDMI cable. If the TV isn’t compatible with HDMI cable, you can use component and coaxial cables.

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a) Connect the first end of the coaxial cable to the cable outlet and another end to your Spectrum receiver.

b) Now, connect the first end of the HDMI cable to your receiver, and then another end with your TV.

c) Connect the power cable with the receiver and plug another end into the electrical outlet.

d) The next step is removing the battery cover from your receiver’s remote, and then inserting the batteries. Check if the batteries are facing the right direction.

Step 2: Turn On The Spectrum Receiver

a) Turn the receiver on using its remote.

b) Turn on the TV, and then choose the correct HDMI source by using the options Input or Source on the TV remote or TV.

Note: You can also activate multiple receivers together simultaneously. Make sure that all the receivers are connected and have been turned on before you start the activation process.

Step 3: Activate the Receiver 

Now, go to on your computer or smartphone to activate your Spectrum services.

After you complete the activation process, a welcome screen will be displayed on the TV screen. Follow the onscreen instructions to know more about the onscreen guide and Spectrum TV services.

Note: After activation, it may take around 20 minutes for all the channel info to be shown by the onscreen guide. 

If you are still facing an issue, please call 1-866-404-5844 and get your issues resolved.

Program The Receiver Remote

Program the remote using the remote setup guide given in the self-installation instructions. You can go through the remote programming instructions at the spectrum’s official website.

 To Return Old Equipment

You can also return any old Spectrum equipment. To do so, go to and get all the related information.

Self-Installation Of Spectrum Internet Service

Just like the receiver, you can also install the Spectrum modem and router by yourself. Self-installation of Spectrum in-home Wi-Fi is very easy. Let’s start.

Step 1: Connect The Modem 

a) Connect the first end of the coaxial cable to the cable outlet and another end to your modem.

Note: You should use a coax splitter if the cable outlet is being shared with a Receiver for Spectrum TV service. Go to to get more information. You should connect one end of the power cable to your modem and plug another end into the electrical outlet.

b) Wait until the modem connects with the network (it may take around two to five minutes). To know if it’s connected, check if the Online status light at the front of your modem is solid. 

Step 2: Connect Your Phone to The Modem 

a) If you haven’t done it already, plug the phone into the electrical outlet.

b) Connect the first end of your phone cable to the phone and then another end to the ‘Voice 1′ port on your modem.

Note: You should only connect your phone to the electrical outlet and your modem, not to a telephone outlet. To set the voicemail and know more about spectrum services, go to

Step 3: Connect The Modem to Your WiFi Router

  1. a) Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your modem, and then another end to the Internet port present on the back side of the WiFi router.
  2. b) Now, connect one end of the power cable to your WiFi router, and plug another end into the electrical outlet.
  3. c) Wait until the WiFi status light present on the front of your router turns solid green. It may take around 10 minutes. In case no light shows up, press the Power button given on the back side of the router.

Step 4: Connect Any Wireless Device To Your WiFi Router

Open the Wi-Fi settings for your device.

a) Select the unique network name for your Wi-Fi (SSID). You can find it at the back side of your router or on the enclosed labels.

b) Enter the password mentioned on your WiFi router. The password is also printed at the labels that come with the Wi-Fi router.

Step 5: Activate The Modem 

a) You should make sure that you keep your account number handy. You can easily find it on the included letter.

b) Go to net/selfinstall on your computer or smartphone.

c) Click at Get Started and then follow the prompts.

After the activation process is finished, you have to create a username and password on to easily manage your Spectrum account and equipment. It’s quite easy to customize the WiFi network name or password. If you want to connect all the devices in one go, visit

For further help, speak with our customer care executives at 1-866-404-5844; they will be more than happy to help you!

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