How to set up AT&T Wi-Fi calling on iOS 9?


All those who are a customer of AT&T and owns iOS 9 can enjoy the Wi-Fi calling for free. With this, iOS 9 users could route phone calls via a local Wi-Fi network. Moreover, this feature is handy when you have no cellular connection on your device.

Continue reading if you want to know how to activate the AT&T Wi-Fi calling settings on iOS 9.

  • To activate the Wi-Fi calling, follow the given below steps:
  • Launch the settings on your iOS 9 device.
  • Scroll through the list of options and select Phone.
  • From the top of the list, select the option ‘Wi-Fi calling’.
  • Slide the switch of this Wi-Fi calling to turn it on.


The next prompt screen would ask you to confirm whether you want to enable Wi-Fi calling or not. However, it will give you a warning regarding the emergency services. Also, it may ask you to verify the address for emergency purposes.

To make or receive a call with AT&T Wi-Fi, you just need to dial or pick up the call on your iPhone.

In case, the service is unavailable for your device then you would get an error page at the end of the setup procedure. If you are having any other issue with AT&T service, you can take assistance from AT&T wi-fi Tech Support.


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