How to set up Comcast Xfinity email on iPad or iPhone?

Want to set up your Apple iPhone or iPad to receive Comcast emails? Configuring your iPad or iPhone device for receiving your emails, is easy and you need to follow the below steps only. So, follow the step-by-step instructions below to configure your iPhone or iPad to receive the Comcast emails.

  • First of all, you need to tap on the Settings button from apps’ drawer on your device.
  • Now select Mail, Contacts, Calendars option from Settings menu, now choose Add Account from ACCOUNTS section.
  • Next, choose Other.
  • Tap on Add Mail Account.
  • Now you’ll find some fields, fill all the fields with the appropriate information. Also, ensure that you include the part with the email address when you enter it in the Email field – so don’t enter the ‘username’ only. Now tap on Next button.
  • After this, your iPad/iPhone will verify the details you entered.
  • Ensure that the Mail option is set to ON, if not, swipe the ‘toggle’ to right to set it ON. Also, ensure that the Notes option is set to OFF, if not, swipe its ‘toggle’ to right. Next, tap on the Save button.
  • Now you’ll get confirmation that the account is added to your phone.
  • Ensure that your ‘Comcast’ entry is available on the ACCOUNTS list now. Exit out of all Settings now.
  • Tap on Mail icon.
  • You can now find newly created Comcast account on the list of your Mailboxes.
  • Now your device is ready to receive and send Comcast email. That’s it!

Using the above steps, you can easily configure your iPhone/iPad to send or receive emails.