Six Most-Common Spectrum Problems and How to Fix Them


Charter Communication is an American telecommunications company, which provides its services to consumers and businesses under the brand name of Spectrum. Sometimes you face spectrum problems in internet, cable television and home phone services. Moreover, Spectrum serves homes and business.

Sometimes, users face some common issues while using Spectrum services and need instant support for their resolution. In this article, we will discuss common Spectrum problems and ways to fix them without wasting the time over phone or waiting for a technician to arrive.

Spectrum Problems

If a TV stops working or users are not able to connect mobile devices, such as iPads or game consoles to the internet, there are several ways by which they can easily resolve the issue.

Here we will focus on how a user can fix common Spectrum problems on their own, and how to get faster help if he/she can’t fix them by themselves. 

Spectrum Cable-Related Problems and Solutions:

If a Spectrum outage occurs, it can’t be fixed by following these steps. Many a times, Spectrum as well as Time Warner Cable goes down when there is an electrical problem, poor weather conditions or other major faults nearby.

In such conditions, users can use a few online tools to see if other users are also facing the Spectrum issue in the area or they individually require to call for assistance. When a user calls Spectrum support, the automated reply system tells whether the problem is existing currently in the whole area or user specific.

We typically try these fixes for Spectrum and Time Warner Cable problems before calling, since some issues are easy and simple to fix on your own in less than 10 minutes.

1.Cable Internet Problems

When the Spectrum Internet is down, users can’t connect their computers or tablets to the internet. In this situation, users are required to look at the front of their Spectrum modem to check the status of some lights.Spectrum Problems

When everything is working fine, users can see an active light for power, a solid light depicting online status and a stable or blinking light (depending on the model of modem) for receive and send or Downstream/Upstream. If the lights are not functioning in the normal way, there is some problem. This might be in due to some issue at a user’s home or simply an outage.

To resolve the problem, users can start by resetting the modem. This can be done by putting out the modem plug from the power source for a minute. Thereafter, re-connect the modem with the power source. Most of the time, modem starts working and no further action is required. A user should also check for the proper connectivity of wires and cables.

Users should also examine the router, generally placed beside the modem and comes with an antenna or two. Check for the color of the lights at the front of the router. An orange light is usually a bad indicator, while green light is a sign of normal functioning. If you find any of the lights orange, this is certainly an indication of no internet connection. This can be fixed by unplugging the modem for a while and then restarting the same.

If users need their phones to stay online during the Spectrum downtime, they can switch off the Wi-Fi on their phones or may unplug the router until the Spectrum internet issue gets resolved.

When users are unable to fix the Spectrum internet issue simply by starting the modem and router, they need to raise a service request by calling the Spectrum customer support. Alternatively, they can contact Spectrum support online by following the guidelines given at the end of the article.

2. Phone Stops Working:

A Spectrum phone may stop working at any point of time. Although Spectrum home phone usually stops working when the internet is down, it may also stop working for its very own reasons. If this would be the case, it is recommended to unplug the phone as well as modem from the power source and restart either of the two after a minute.

If the above procedure fails, users can call the Spectrum support for on-site technical assistance. 

3. Spectrum TV Issues

Spectrum TV issues can be characterized by bad picture and sound quality. If your TV is not showing anything to you, it is likely to be the case of an outage. You can also consider checking your TV connections, and if you find everything perfect, all you can do is to wait for the Spectrum issue to get fixed from the service provider end.

For a poor picture quality on Spectrum TV, users can examine their connections. It is suggested not to use too many splitters and right-angle cable adapters, as these might also be the cause of low picture quality.

4.Slow Internet Issue

It is important to find the probable cause(s) of slow Spectrum Internet. Users can begin by restarting their routers as this trick works in many cases. You can further check whether all the connected devices are facing the slow internet problem or it’s just one device! If it is just a single device, re-start it.

You can next check your location inside the house. The distance of your device from the router might be a reason of slow internet speed. The farther a device is kept from the router, lesser would be the Spectrum Internet speed. This holds true when multiple walls and floors exist between a user and router.

If a user still faces the slow internet connection, he/she is required to directly connect the router to the device and test the Spectrum internet speed on the website, Under ideal conditions, the test will show speed result very close to the claimed speed.

In case you are using a Spectrum Internet connection with slow speed, you may consider switching to a high-speed internet plan offered by Spectrum Internet.

5. DVR Issues

Issues with Spectrum DVR are the commonest of all complaints from Spectrum Internet subscribers. Skipped recordings and DVR freezing, among others are general DVR problems that prevent users from enjoying their favorite shows.

Power recycling and deleting videos are two do-it-yourself solutions to many Spectrum DVR issues. Unplugging the DVR from the power source for a while works in many cases.

Outdated software on the DVR that starts behaving abnormally when the DVR memory has been used above 50%. Deleting old movies and TV shows may help in fixing such DVR problems.

If a Spectrum DVR is too old, you can call and make a request for a replacement. However, this might not be a solution to many DVR problems.

6. Digital Adapter Problems

If a Spectrum Digital Adapter stops working, he/she may consider unplugging it for a while and then re-plug it. This is expected to resolve the issue for the next 28 hours. Rebooting it again is what you can do next.

This trick fixes the sound and video outputs, which is a common problem with Spectrum Digital Adapters. Sadly, there is no particular solution to ensure proper working of Spectrum Digital Adapter remote and control expected things expected from the same. Moreover, a universal remote can’t be reliably used for Spectrum Digital Adapters.

How to Get Faster Spectrum Support

If a user can’t able to fix their Spectrum issues on their own, they can reach out the Spectrum customer support service team through Twitter. In case they are not able to contact the Spectrum support team, we as a third party, offer the best customer service with a dedicated team of experts. Our team provides you the best and reliable solution of your Spectrum problems.

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