Sony Android TVs to be supported by Comcast Xfinity TV App in 2018


With the arrival of new support to Android TVs of Sony, Comcast’s Xfinity TV customers who own Sony Android TVs will be able to directly access the content on the television using the Xfinity TV Partner app. This new feature is a part of the latest expansion of the TV Partner Program of Xfinity. Through it, the service provider is bringing its Xfinity TV service to several smart televisions.

Initially, users needed to rent out cable equipment such as a cable box, from service providers over the duration of television subscription. The cable box has the service provider’s software installed in it and it displays the content received from the company directly on the television.

With the people drifting away from traditional TV technology, either for OTT TV services or on-demand streaming, the cable box has become extremely unwanted and old-fashioned.

Sony Android TVs to be supported by Comcast Xfinity TV App in 2018

Replacing the traditional TV technology, Comcast’s latest Xfinity TV app is set in the market for smart TVs. With this app, subscribers who own a smart TV (App Supported) can install the app on their TV and then access the Xfinity’s content directly on their television without a cable box.

However, Comcast says that the support won’t be available before 2018. Once the support is released the TV owners with the Xfinity TV app will get access to live TV channels, DVR content, on-demand content, and many more features directly through the app.


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