Troubleshooting Sony Services: Get The Best Solution Here


Sony has established itself as one of the most renowned technology brand across the world. Sony provides best of the products and services in every communication sector.

Sony name itself guarantees great service and quality in every product but still some issues are known to creep from inside. Sony makes sure its users do not have to struggle to find an effective and prompt solution to every issue. You can dial 1-833-201-7904 to instantly get in touch with a Sony representative or here is a troubleshoot guide which you can follow to resolve all your Sony issues.

Sony TV Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

  • Sony TV not switching on
  • Sony TV audio issues
  • Sony TV not connecting with internet
  • Getting error messages on Sony TV screen
  • Sony Bravia not working
  • Having red light issues on Sony TV
  • Unable to play mp4 videos on Sony TV
  • Sony TV not casting
  • USB not detecting in Sony TV
  • Sony TV screen issues
  • Sony TV not responding to remote

Troubleshooting Sony TV

You can follow this guide to find a solution for your Sony TV issues:

  • Confirm that your TV is connected securely into the power outlet and the outlet is having power.
  • If you live at a place where electricity voltage regularly goes up and down, use a power stabilizer to keep your TV secure.
  • If your TV has an Energy Saving Switch, make sure it is turned on.
  • If you have connected a device which you use rarely, disconnect it.
  • Make sure you have connected all the wires properly. A loose connection can cause screen-freeze issue.
  • Confirm that your set top box is having complete satellite signals to run the content.
  • If you are using any other device with your TV, make sure you have opted for the right output in your TV.
  • Audio issue may occur if you have connected any audio system with your TV. Disconnect the audio device and check. Avoid playing the audio in full volume as it can damage the speakers.
  • If you have connected a HDMI cable, make sure it is connected properly and you have chosen the HDMI option in your TV.
  • If you need professional Sony customer support help, dial the Sony phone number and get in touch with a Sony representative instantly.

Sony Soundbar Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

  • Sony soundbar not connecting to sub-woofer
  • Sony soundbar not turning on
  • Sony soundbar not loud enough
  • Sony soundbar not connecting with Netflix
  • Sony soundbar not connecting with TV
  • Sony soundbar Wi-Fi not working
  • Sony soundbar Bluetooth not working
  • Sony soundbar not syncing with TV

Troubleshooting Sony Soundbar

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Sony Soundbar:

  • If you are unable to sync your Sony soundbar with Sony Bravia, make sure the Bravia Sync option is enabled in your TV.
  • If you are unable to hear your Sony soundbar while connecting with Sony, confirm that your TV output is set on TV.
  • If you are not hearing any audio from your soundbar, make sure it is connected with power outlet and the outlet is having power.
  • Make sure to enable the Secure Link feature when you connect a sub-woofer so that you can use it.
  • You might not hear the audio properly if you have selected the Night mode function. Make sure to disable to get the best out of your Sony soundbar.
  • If you are having issues in your Sony Bluetooth, make sure your device is compatible with the soundbar. Also confirm that your device is in the range of Sony soundbar.
  • You can also get in touch with Sony customer support if your device is in warranty. Just dial the Sony customer support number and speak with a Sony representative instantly.

Sony Headphones Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

  • Sony headphones not working
  • Sony headphones Bluetooth not working
  • Sony headphones not working on one side
  • Sony headphones not charging
  • Sony headphones not connecting with iPad
  • Sony headphones not compatible with PS4
  • Sony headphones not connecting with laptop
  • Sony headphones not discoverable
  • Sony headphones bass not working
  • Audio not coming out of Sony headphones

Troubleshooting Sony Headphones

To resolve issues related with Sony headphones, follow these steps:

  • If you are not hearing sound on your headphones, make sure both your devices are running.
  • You might not be able to charge your device if you use a USB data cable. Make sure to use USB power cable for a secure and fast charging.
  • If you are connecting a device via Bluetooth for the first time, make sure they stay within three feet.
  • If you use your headphones on maximum for a long time, it will not only impact your hearing but also the device.
  • If you are using the headphone wireless, make sure they are away from oven and router. These devices can interfere in the signals and create disturbance.
  • Make sure to save the headphones information in your device after pairing up so that you do not have to start afresh.
  • If you think that audio is breaking and not as before, contact Sony customer support and ask for a replacement if it is still in warranty period.

Sony DVD Player Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

Issues With Sony DVD

  • Sony DVD not reading disc
  • Disc tray not ejecting on Sony DVD
  • Sony DVD player not turning on
  • Sony DVD not playing in color
  • Sony DVD not connecting with Netflix
  • Sony DVD player crashing continuously
  • Sony DVD remote not working
  • Sony Vaio DVD not working
  • Sony portable DVD not working

Troubleshooting Sony DVD player

  • Verify the settings and confirm that the child lock option is not enabled.
  • Make sure the CD you are using has not corrupted. Most of the CDs when not in use have their data damaged. Check the disk and confirm there are no cracks on the surface.
  • Confirm that the CD you are trying to use is capable of running on your DVD drive. If your disc tray is not coming out, power off the device and turn it ON again.
  • Make sure you have connected the A/V cable properly in the TV and DVD. Insert the plugs in their right color jacks. Also confirm that there is no damage to the wires.
  • Make sure you have selected the correct aspect ratio for your TV. Choosing a non-performing aspect ratio may cause a blank screen issue.
  • Most of the screen issues happen due to damage to the CD.
  • Check your TV and make sure you have selected the right output option.
  • Try inserting a new disc. If you can access it, the other disk might be damaged.
  • For advanced help, you can dial the Sony phone number customer support and get instant help from a Sony tech expert.

Sony ps4 Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

Issues With ps4

  • ps4 not working on inverter
  • ps4 not connecting to Wi-Fi
  • unable to load ps4 games on computer
  • ps4 not reading disc
  • ps4 not reading USB
  • ps4 not starting
  • ps4 adapter issue

Troubleshooting ps4 Issues

  • Make sure that the power indicator lights are blinking on your device. If not, check the connection and verify that it is securely connected with an active power outlet.
  • If a disk is not loading up in your ps4, try to access it with Safe Mode. If you are still not able to run it, the CD might be physically damaged or is not supportive to your device.
  • If your device is under warranty you can bring the device to your nearest Sony store and ask for a complete replacement.
  • If you need on call ps4 assistance, get in touch with Sony customer support.