Spectrum has only 30 days to fix problems, says Lexington


The city of Lexington has given 30 days to Charter communications and Spectrum to address hundreds of alleged violations of its agreement with the city.

The potential violations of Charter and Spectrum include charging Spectrum’s users for the channels and services they have not received, failure in providing adequate and trained representatives for customer service, and refuse customers to speak with the supervisors.

Spectrum has only 30 days to fix problems, says Lexington

According to Vice Mayor Steve Kay, this move was essential as they have been receiving a number of complaints from Charter customers about their poor-quality customer service since Charter purchased Time Warner Cable at the beginning of this year.

In case, the city decides those stated violations have not been addressed, the fines could be charged against the cable network. The maximum fine allowed under the agreement is $500 a day per violation.

In August, the city of Lexington held a public performance assessment of Spectrum, when several people raised their complaints against company’s poor customer service.

Source: http://www.kentucky.com/news/local/counties/fayette-county/article178594066.html

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