Spectrum : 6 Common Problems & How to Fix Them


Spectrum problems arrive at a time when you least expect them and can interrupt your Internet, cable TV or home phone. However, you don’t always need customer support to resolve all your problems. You can fix some of the issues by yourself.

Here, we are going to discuss some common problems with Spectrum and how to troubleshoot them :

  • Cable Internet Issues

When you have issues with Spectrum Internet, you get disconnected from the web and aren’t able to connect any of your device with the Internet. However, there are various ways you can resolve the cable Internet issues :

  1. Reset the modem. Disconnect the modem from power for about a minute and connect it again to reset it. If the lights of the modem are properly on then your Internet problem is resolved.
  2. When the router shows an orange light for the Internet then this means that your Internet isn’t working because of your router. To resolve this, unplug the router for about a minute and plug it back for a quick reset.
  • Phone not Working Issue 

If your Spectrum home phone isn’t working, then the issue might be  with your Internet modem or maybe  in phone itself. To resolve this problem, you need to reset both your phone and the modem. Just unplug them for about a minute and plug them back to reset the devices.

Spectrum : 6 Common

  • Slow Internet Speed Problem

The problem with the slow Internet speed can be resolved by following methods :

  1. First of all, reset your router by unplugging it and plug it again after about a minute. Check whether the problem is just with the device you are using or with rest of the devices too. If it is just your device, then restart your device too.
  2. Make sure that you are not too far away from the router. Sometimes, the distance between the router and the device becomes a reason responsible for slow Internet.
  3. Check your Internet speed, and if this is the speed you are paying for, try upgrading your plan for a faster internet connection.
  • Issues with TV

You can face Spectrum TV problems because of Internet issues. Chances are high that there are issues with your Internet router which can spoil the picture and sound quality and ultimately the overall viewing experience. However, resetting the router can resolve the Internet issue. Just unplug the power and plug it back again to let the router rest.

However, if the TV networks are entirely down then there are chances that the TV service is down and can only be fixed by Spectrum themselves.

  • Problems with DVR

There can be various problems with Spectrum DVR such as skipped recordings or freezing videos. These issues can be resolved by resetting the DVR or deleting some videos to make some free space.

Reset the DVR by unplugging it for about a minute and plugging it back again. Moreover, you can delete some old recorded TV shows and movies to free up some space on the DVR. However, if your DVR version is too old, upgrading the DVR version can also resolve the issue. 

  • Issues with Digital Adapter

You have to buy a Digital Adapter for any Spectrum TV that doesn’t have it. However, these adapters are full of bugs and spoil the experience of watching TV.

When the adapter stops working, it can be reset by unplugging it for a minute and re-plugging it back again. However, there is no way to fix the remote control error and using a universal remote control is a better alternative.

Moreover, if these tips didn’t help you in resolving the problems associated with Spectrum, Try contacting the Spectrum customer support to resolve your issues with the Spectrum device. You can contact the Spectrum care and file a service check for your device.

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