Will my phone service work if my electricity goes out?

NO, your phone modem required electricity power to operate and your phone service will be unavailable without backup power.

My phone service work without network?

NO, your Phone will not provide any service without network connection.

How long will the battery have performed during a power outage?

Normally, a charged battery can survive minimum 8 hours of standby power but if your battery is two-year-old time will become lower or if your modem is preserved in a cold, hot or dusty environment.

What will the backup battery power?

A modem with a battery will work with standard corded phones, but will not provide power other machinery, like phones, alarm systems and cordless.

Can I see my bill via online?

YES, you are able to view your monthly bill statements online by using My Account.

  1. Firstly, sign into My Account with you TWC ID.
  2. Then, on the overview click, ‘go to billing’.
  3. NOW, choose a statement date and then tab on ‘Download PDF’.

That’s it, now you can view your bill.

Why doesn’t users last payment mention on their bill?

May be their payment have been received after the bill statement was printed. For getting up-to-date information, sing in to My Account.

If users misplaced their current statement; where do they mail for their payment?

If they have a TWC ID, they can find the right payment through My Account.

  1. They need to visit to My Account
  2. Here, select View statement.
  3. After doing all the above steps, choose a statement from the dropdown.
  4. Now, tab on Download PDF.
  5. When the PDF opens, they will get their payment remittance address on the bottom of page one.

How much will user pay once their promotion has ended?

Once a discount gets expire; there will be an increase to or a they will get new promotional rate or retail rates.