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To Resolve All Your Sprint Problems 

A Sprint service user can face some of the common issues such as Sprint phone not working, having slow speed Sprint internet or Sprint Drive not working. If you also have to face any such issues, you can follow this troubleshoot guide.

You can also dial the Sprint Troubleshooting number 1-866-404-5844 and get help directly from a Sprint tech expert.

Sprint Magic Box Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

Issues With Sprint Magic Box

  • Sprint Magic Box not connecting to LTE
  • Sprint Magic Box not setting up
  • Sprint Magic Box not working
  • Sprint Magic Box stuck at startup
  • Sprint Magic Box showing no availability in area
  • Sprint Magic Box no signal issue
  • Sprint Magic Box not loading
  • Sprint Magic Box not booting up

Troubleshooting Sprint Magic Box

Follow these steps to resolve issues related with your Sprint Magic Box:

  • Make sure your Sprint Magic Box is connected with power and it is having complete signals. If your device is not having signals, make sure you are not in a service outage area.
  • Check your Sprint Magic Box for any physical damage. If you can locate a damage, visit the nearest store and ask for a replacement.
  • Your Sprint Magic Box device may lose signals during harsh weather so wait until the weather clears. There are chances that it might start working fine after the sky is clear.
  • If you are not having the speed as per your package, keep in mind that you will not receive the speed as advertised and the downloading speed will only be the 1/10th of the package.
  • You can contact the Sprint support so that they can help you set up the device in accordance with your nearest tower.
  • Try performing a power cycle on your device. Unplug it from the power for a few minutes and connect it again. Check if starts working fine.
  • For more help contact Sprint customer service by dialing the Sprint phone number.

Sprint Drive Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

Issues With Sprint Drive

  • Sprint Drive not lightning up
  • Sprint Drive not working
  • Sprint Drive not activating
  • Sprint Drive Wi-Fi not working
  • Sprint Drive not reading fuel
  • Sprint Drive device not registering

Troubleshooting Sprint drive

Follow these troubleshooting points if you are facing any issues with your Sprint Drive:

  • Check your Sprint Drive and make sure it is compatible with your car. You can take help from the Sprint Compatibility Tool to find which device will work best with your car.
  • Make sure you have enabled all its features to get the best out of your Sprint Drive.
  • Verify that you have inserted the device in the right port. It can be an ‘O’ port device or an OBD-II port.
  • Confirm that you are having internet connection in your device from which you have connected Sprint Drive.
  • Keep in mind that your route will normally update after every 20 seconds but if your device is not having a smooth internet connection, it will be updated late.
  • If your device is not alerting you, check the settings and make sure you have enabled the Alerts feature.
  • If you are having internet issues in your device, keep in mind that you cannot use the Sprint Drive device outside USA or any other country’s LTE network.
  • If you want to talk with a Sprint expert, call the Sprint customer support phone number.

Sprint iPhone Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

Issues with Sprint Phone

  • Sprint iPhone not activating
  • Sprint iPhone not receiving calls
  • Sprint iPhone not getting voicemail
  • Sprint iPhone not connecting to internet
  • Sprint iPhone not ringing
  • Sprint iPhone 7 not working
  • Sprint iPhone X not connecting with LTE
  • Sprint iPhone X not receiving texts
  • Sprint iPhone XS MAX no signal issue
  • iOS 12.1.3 not working
  • Sprint iPhone 6S not connecting with internet

Troubleshooting Sprint iPhone

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your Sprint iPhone issues:

  • If you are having internet issues in your iPhone, check your screen resolution size. Do not try to access such items which are not compatible with your device.
  • If you are unable to use the internet while being on cellular connection, make sure you have enabled the Enable Voice And Data
  • If you are having signal issues in your iPhone, make sure you are not using your device near any electric equipment which can create obstacles for your device in acquiring signals.
  • If you have connected with the internet for the first time on your iPhone, use it on the Safari browser to finish the phone setup.
  • If internet is not working on your Safari browser, confirm that you are using the latest version of this web browser.
  • If you have taken up a bundle package from Sprint, try using your other services. If you are unable to use any Sprint service, contact Sprint customer service and confirm your account hasn’t been deactivated.
  • If your iPhone is working slow, confirm that it is running on the latest iOS.
  • To resolve some common issues, you can perform a soft reset by switching OFF the device for a minute. Switch it ON again and check if the problem is resolved.
  • To get more personalized help for your Sprint iPhone, contact Sprint support.

Sprint Hotspot Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

Issues With Sprint Hotspot

  • Sprint hotspot not working
  • Sprint hotspot not showing up
  • Sprint hotspot not connecting with iPhone 7 plus
  • Sprint hotspot not working iPhone XR
  • Sprint hotspot not working Galaxy S8
  • Sprint hotspot no internet issue
  • Having no service on Sprint hotspot
  • Sprint hotspot not connecting to internet

Troubleshooting Sprint Hotspot

Follow these points to resolve issues related with Sprint hotspot:

  • Make sure your Sprint hotspot subscription has an active Add-on feature.
  • Make sure the data usage is enabled in your phone.
  • Make sure you haven’t changed the profile in your phone. If you have set up your own profile, confirm that you are using it with your default system settings.
  • Check your internet plan before you troubleshoot it for slow internet. You will not receive the speed which is being advertised for the package.
  • You can perform a power cycle on your device by simply switching it OFF for a few minutes and switching them ON again.
  • If you are still not able to use the Sprint hotspot, contact Sprint customer service and get personalized help for your device.

Sprint Internet Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

Sprint Internet Issue

  • Sprint internet not working
  • Experiencing data issues in Sprint device
  • Sprint internet not working when on call
  • Sprint internet signal drop
  • Sprint LTE issues
  • Sprint Wi-Fi not connecting with iPhone
  • Unable to access websites while using Sprint internet

Troubleshooting Sprint Internet Issues

  • Check the Sprint Internet Outage map and make sure Sprint internet service is not down.
  • Check your internet settings and make sure you have opted for the right mode according to your device. You can check if your Sprint phone is 4G activated or not on Sprint Zone.
  • If you are unable to use the LTE service on your device, confirm that your phone is capable of using the LTE feature and you have an active subscription for LTE.
  • Always update your Sprint device’s firmware to make sure you receive the highest speed internet.
  • If your device is having slow internet, make sure you are using it on an up to date web browser. Try to use internet only on the default browsers on your device.
  • Check your router and see if it is flashing lights. If no lights are blinking, your router might be faulty. Visit your nearest Sprint store for a replacement.
  • You can also need expert help by dialing the Sprint phone number customer support.