T-Mobile Relaunching the Sidekick


In its latest announcement, one of the major mobile service carriers, T-Mobile is going to reincarnate Sidekick. This device was an iconic phone that had been endorsed by many celebrities. With its flip-out screen, this device could move in a 180-degree motion. Also, its operating system was eventually changed to Android.


Reviving all the features of its iconic T-Mobile Sidekick smartphone, the company has now come up with a shoe built with all smartphone features. In its recent announcement, the company has introduced the first-ever Smartshoephone™, called T-Mobile Sidekicks. The shoe is really amazing and functional, and T-Mobile Sidekicks is available with fastest LTE network of all time. Also powered by T-Mobile ONE, the shoe is improved for unlimited data.

Like, the Sidekick smartphone, the Smartshoephone from T-Mobile also has a flip-out screen, and it flips out of the side of the sole. This amazing gadget will quickly let you share contact information with another Sidekicks user by just tapping the toes. Further, the kicks will light up whenever you get an incoming call as well as the lights will flash in the same way as scroll ball did in the Sidekick 3.

Apart from this, T-Mobile’s Sidekicks Smartshoephone also features a display screen taking up the complete bottom of one shoe with the other one having “Sole speakers.” The shoe also features retractable Smart Laces working as headphones. Plus, it has “Hey Sidekicks” voice assistant, which comes with a calming voice of John Legere, T-Mobile’s CEO.

Among many other features, the T-Mobile Smartshoephone is completely fictional as it is T-Mobile’s April Fool’s day joke. Actually, you can buy the T-Mobile Sidekicks (magenta Converse-lookalikes bearing the words “T-Mobile Sidekicks”) for 65 USD available before April 15. They haven’t any smart features, though, as they’re common ol’ sneaks. However, according to T-Mobile “They are magenta AF.” Nevertheless, this the April fool’s day joke from T-Mobile was simply cute.

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