T-Mobile’s Parent Company Allows Users to Opt-Out of Bloatware


Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile, is planning to give its customers an option to select apps they wish to install on their new Android smartphones. With this new feature, subscribers will no longer get presets and bloatware or pre-installed applications, says Deutsche Telekom. Also, the manufacturers will offer direct firmware updates, making software updates well timed.


Bloatware problem is not only with this single platform. It is a source of frustration for the users of other platforms as well. Manufacturers pre-install certain apps, that they presume to be useful, are unnecessary and consume precious space of the devices. The worst thing about bloatware is that users cannot delete such apps easily.

If you are connected to Deutsche Telekom, you just have to go through a few steps for the setup process. Start your brand-new device using your Telekom SIM, which will take you to the manufacturer’s initial setup. Depending on your smartphone model, a screen with recommended apps will appear during or after the setup. After selecting the desired apps and completing the setup procedure, your new phone will be completely free from those unwanted apps.

Till now, it is uncertain whether T-Mobile USA will have similar un-bloatware program feature or not.

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