Terms & Conditions

This agreement contains a detailed information of all the Terms and Conditions which are the cornerstone of the relationship with our customers. We recommend you to read the entire document carefully to gain a clear perspective about the criteria and working process of the company. We’re solely committed to help our customers and advise our customers to follow all the Terms and Conditions

Support process

icustomerservice.net/ provides support to its customers through phone and mailing option available on Internet. If you have any query and you don’t have any problem to talk to our professionals over phone calls, then you can adapt this option. Otherwise, you can mail or send messages to us to know about the different options to fix the issues.

Our professionals will assure you about the privacy and security of the data and other saved resources. Our professionals can only take control of the registered devices, we’ll not be responsible for any kind of damage or lose of information on the devices which are not registered with us.

Limitation to Act

icustomerservice.net/ will not be accountable for any kind of damage or loss on your device. We’ll not be liable for any declined transaction from your card or any kind of short fund deductions.


The terms like User, You, and Your etc. are being used to refer an individual/ customer or a technician and terms such as Our, We and Us are taken to indicate the governing authorities.