How to text and call internationally using AT&T service?


Learn the stepwise instructions to send text messages and call on international numbers from the United States or while traveling abroad using AT&T.

Have a look at international country codes and providers

Visit the International Long Distance to view the complete list of providers and country codes and select the specific country from the given list.

How to text and call internationally using AT&T service?

Send text messages and make calls

To send text messages and to make calls while you are traveling abroad or dialing from the United States to an international number, follow these steps:

  • Press + plus sign and then the country code and local number.
  • In general, 1 is the country code for Canada, the United States, and other Caribbean countries.
  • If you wish to call the United States from any other country, first dial +1 then the area code, followed by a local number. For instance, +1(123)555-6789.
  • Most countries allow the wireless phone users to dial a local number similarly like they dial from a landline phone.

Note: On most phones, plus sign (+) appears when you press and hold 0 key. If you own a blackberry device, press the SYM key first and next press the +key. Also, you can dial 011 when calling from the United States in place of plus sign (+).

Receive text messages and calls

In order to receive text messages and calls outside the US

  • The United States caller can directly dial your wireless number.
  • The callers of the specific country where you are traveling have to first enter their international access number, followed by 1 then your area code and your phone number.

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