The Ultimate Guide to AT&T DIRECTV NOW


The viewers of DIRECTV NOW can stream and watch more than 120 live TV channels and get access to premium programming options as well as On Demand movies and shows. Moreover, they do not need to get bound by an annual contract or credit cheque payments as they get the facility to cancel the service any time they want.

In this article, you will get details on how to access AT&T DIRECTV NOW, sign up for a fresh account, select a plan, make monthly payments, and various other aspects.

The Ultimate Guide to AT&T DIRECTV NOW

How to get access to AT&T DIRECTV NOW?

To get the benefit of DIRECTV NOW, you only have to create a new account. From your account, you can make a choice of a plan as per your budget and select the premium channels that you wish to watch. After this, you can start watching television shows and movies on the compatible browser or device.

Simultaneously, you can stream movies or shows on two devices with DIRECTV NOW.

How to sign up for AT&T DIRECTV NOW?

If you are all set to watch live TV, premium channels, and On Demand programs with DIRECTV NOW, follow the given steps:

  • To create a new account, at first, you have to go to DIRECTV NOW.
  • In here, type in your email address and password and hit on ‘Enter’.
  • DIRECTV NOW will send an email along with your order confirmation to the entered email address.

How to choose a plan with DIRECTV NOW?

After signing up successfully, you can choose a suitable plan for yourself, follow:

  • On the homepage, you will see available channel packages. Select one of the given choices.
  • There is a COMPARE ALL link which provides you a list of the compared channel by the package. It includes local channels as well.
  • You can select premium channels from premium programming options.

Note: At any time, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan.

How to set up DIRECTV NOW monthly payments?

You get the option to pay your monthly charges with either PayPal or a valid credit card.

  • On selecting Paypal, it will take you to its official website to complete the payment procedure.
  • Select Credit Card option by clicking on the displayed radio button. After this, fill in the requested information.
  • If you have a promo code, enter it in the provided ‘Have a promo code?’ field.

You will receive the order confirmation on the provided emails address. On monthly basis, you will get the notification and payment reminders.

How to reset forgotten password for AT&T DIRECTV NOW?

If you are having troubles while signing in to the DIRECTV NOW account, ensure that you are using the same email address with which you have created the account. In case, you have forgotten the password, just select Forgot password link and you will receive a retrieving link to your registered email address.

Note: After 5 unsuccessful login attempts, your account will be locked for about 30 minutes due to security reasons.

How to check or upgrade current DIRECTV NOW plan?

DIRECTV NOW lets you take control of the plans. Thus, anytime, you can make changes in it. For this, follow:

  • At first, log in to your AT&T DIRECTV NOW account.
  • Select ‘person’ icon on the Home page, followed by the Settings option.
  • Next, go to User Account and select the option Manage My Plan. This will show you premium channels, available packages, and highlight your current plan.
  • In here, you can make the necessary changes and save them by selecting Accept Changes icon.

Note: Any changes made to the plan will be effected immediately

How to eradicate Error Message 40: Video Error?

If you have received Error Message 40: Video Error or 1401, 1402, or 1403 errors, there is trouble in loading the video content. For this, follow:

  • At first, restart your player/device.
  • Close DIRECTV NOW app and restart it.
  • Look for any updates for DIRECTV NOW.
  • Uninstall DIRECTV NOW app and reinstall it.
  • Look for any device software updates.
  • Disable browser add-ons to improve the video playback.
  • If you experiencing issues with Safari browser, try switching to Chrome browser.

If you need any other information or experiencing any sort of trouble with your DIRECTV NOW, just dial our AT&T customer service to reach out to us. We are available all the time to help.

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