TomTom Is Back with Two Affordable Satellite Navigation Devices


TomTom has rolled out two new satellite navigation devices for those, who don’t want to rely on their phone’s navigation app alone or those, who don’t have a sat nav device already built into their cars.


Although TomTom Go Basic is an entry-level satellite navigation device when it comes to its price as well as the name, it is available with several amazing features packed into it.

It comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi that allows it to receive software and map updates over the Internet without the need to connect to a computer system. It can also be connected to your smartphone, which allows to you receive notifications on its screen.

Interestingly, it has the capability to learn about your driving habits and based on the same, it shows best results. The more you drive with this sat nav device, the better it will predict your destinations that you can find under “My Place” and choose it instead of setting it manually.

This amazing device can also be used before starting the journey, to receive information about traffic for the route you have selected on your mobile, PC or tablet. It comes included with a Road Trips feature along with the community-suggested routes to customize and improve your journey.

You can buy a new TomTom Go Basic in 5- and 6-inch models at affordable prices. The company has also announced about its upcoming TomTom Go Camper, which the company will roll out in mid-May this year.

TomTom Go Camper has all the required built-in capabilities that make it a perfect option for caravan or camping enthusiasts. It is a perfect match for these two activities as it has been exclusively designed for the same. Besides providing the feature of TomTom Road Trip, it will also feature Lifetime caravan and camper world maps.

These features will make you sure that you’re heading on the right path, depending on your vehicle weight, type, speed, and size. Moreover, it offers a camper-specific point of interests (POIs), such as caravan points and camper spots. On top of all these, it is compatible with TomTom MyDrive. You can pre-order the TomTom Go Camper device from TomTom online.

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