A Track Changing Trekking Trip


I still remember, what a day it was. Everything is still fresh as morning dew in my mind, pleasing my soul. The days I spent on a trekking trip to Bonanza peak, turned out to be a life-changing experience for me.

It was a chilly winter morning and I was all set to explore the humongous mountain range standing in front of me. I felt like those enticing alleys and valleys, calling my name to ride over them and dig into this beautiful scenery.

I was with my friends on this trek, we all remembered God and punched in the air, before starting our road to the peak. We walked for an hour, humming the chorus of inspiration, along with pulling each other’s leg and trailing off smoothly into the woods.

Before the day fall, we were halfway there. So, we decided to camp in the dark, underneath the glittering blanket of stars. One of my friends lit a fire and cooked food for all of us. We all were really amused and happy, unaware of the unfortunate happening, which was going to shatter and scatter us apart.

A Track Changing Trekking Trip

All of the sudden, a lightning thunder strikes at the peak along with cold winds of a thunderstorm. We panicked and started to collect our stuff while running here and there. But just in a matter of few minutes, a heavy rain started a landslide on the mountain and we all got separated.

After the storm stopped, I found my body covered in mud and I was unable to walk because of a broken leg. I searched for my phone in my bag, it was out of battery. I tried to walk in to look for my friends and for the way to escape the woods.

I spent my whole day crawling with a stick, to find shelter and food. And all I was left with is a thought that I’m going to die alone here. But, maybe this was not my end, God has other plans for me. It was a blend of miracle and technology. I found of the Netgear’s Trek N300 Travel Router that we had taken with us in case of an emergency.

And fortunately, it turned out to be a boon for me. I used this high-performance router to find my location and locate the exact escape passage for me to walk back home as soon as possible.

After I got out of this mess, the locales around took me to a nearby hospital. Where my friends were already admitted and they were all alive with some broken ankle and minor injuries.

I’m all happy and rejoiced now, but the lesson that I’ve learned that day is we all have one life and you never know what is going to happen the next moment.

So, I just recommend you all use and carry Netgear’s Trek Router with you, while traveling to distant places. Also, I want to say thanks to those technicians who have developed such amazing gadget for the mankind. One should visit the list of amazing services offered by Netgear.

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