Troubleshoot Charter Internet In 4 Easy Steps


Charter is a company which provides high-speed Internet, telephone and TV services. Although, their services are not everywhere available in the country, the count of their customers is in millions.

Everybody knows that technology is not free from hiccups.  Hence while using these (Charter) services if you come across certain issues such as your Charter high-speed Internet connection and your computer or modem is incorrectly set up and your Charter Internet connection is working but you still notice slow downloading speeds, you may need to troubleshoot the connection.

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Steps To Troubleshoot Your Charter Internet Connection:

Step 1

First, you need to reset the power on your cable modem. Switch off your computer. Unplug the power cord from the back of your modem. Also, make sure that it is the power cable that you connect to the electrical power outlet and not the data cable which is connected to the modem. Hold on for at least 30 seconds and then plug in the modem. Make sure that the connection light appears solid when you plug in the modem to power again. Switch on your PC and launch your desired web browser to the Internet and check your connection.

Step 2

If you are experiencing slow speed internet connection, then you need to scan your PC for malware, spyware, and adware. Download or purchase an antivirus or antimalware application online. For example, AVG Antivirus and Norton Antivirus can be the two useful programs. Perform a full system scan and then delete any malware, spyware or adware which is detected by the security software.

Step 3

Make sure your PC meets the requirements set for using Charter Internet service. Also, verify that the operating system you are using must be one of Microsoft Windows 2000, Vista, Windows 7 or XP for a Windows PC. And if you are running a Mac then your operating system should be either one of Apple Macintosh 10.x or 9.x. Go to the page “What does Charter Support?” provided in the section of References to make sure that the hardware of your computer is compatible as well.

Step 4

Check the limitations of your PC. Press down the “Ctrl” “Alt” and “Delete” buttons simultaneously to launch the “Task Manager”. Click on the “Performance” tab and view the page file and CPU usage. If these are quite close to their maximum limits, your PC may be restricting your Internet connection speed.

If you are still not able to resolve the issue of slow speed of your Charter Internet, you may call Charter customer support for additional help. Just dial their toll-free Charter helpline number and talk directly to the expert professionals.

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