Verizon and Comcast interested in acquiring 21st Century Fox


Verizon and Comcast, both leading companies have approached 21st Century Fox to acquire most of the company. According to the sources, Rupert Murdoch is serious in selling it.

Previously, there were rumors about Disney is planning to acquire 21st Century Fox. However, there is no confirmation.

Since the last couple of days, the shares of Century Fox has jumped by more than 8%.

Verizon and Comcast interested in acquiring 21st Century Fox

As per the similar sources, Verizon and Comcast are also showing their interest in acquiring the same assets which include Fox’s entertainment cable networks, international businesses and mainly movie and television studios. However, Fox will keep a hold on its news and sports assets.

For Verizon, these assets will expand its entertainment offerings, on the other hand, for Comcast, it is more likely to be an international expansion strategy.


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