Verizon is providing free Netflix with its FiOS package


Recently, Verizon has started bundling a free one-year subscription for Netflix into its FiOS Triple Play services which include the TV, Internet, and phone services. And the company has Netflix as the new partner.


Verizon’s Multi-Room Premium or Enhanced service subscribers will also be allowed to stream their favorite Netflix series directly on television. In order to launch the service, you need to go to the channel 838.

Verizon isn’t the only service provider to offer such a bundle, Sprint provides free access to the HiFi (Tidal’s streaming platform), AT&T customers can access HBO for free. Apart from this, T-Mobile is already providing free subscriptions to the streaming service to customers with multiple lines on a voice plan.

We can expect that such bundles will surely become more common as the net neutrality is fading into the past. As ISPs won’t be allowed to play favorites, it’s likely that media streaming services such as Netflix will become costlier or some providers may even completely block it. Because of a free streaming service, some users may switch from one service to another.

Cable companies do not primarily compete with each other rather they compete with the streaming services. And that’s why many companies try to shake hands with streaming service so as to maintain the customers and avoid rivalry with streaming services. Verizon’s move to include free Netflix into its FiOS package is an example of this case. Because of this package, Verizon’s could easily get those customers who otherwise would choose to stay with the Internet-only package.

Is this deal worth for customers? Probably not, because Verizon’s FiOS Triple Play package costs $79.99 pm, and Wi-Fi alone costs $39.99 pm. Further, Netflix’s standard plan costs $10.99 pm. So, if you don’t require a landline or television, it won’t be beneficial to go for Triple Play package only for free Netflix. But you will get a better treat if you already a subscriber for Triple Play service.

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