Verizon Spin off a Service That Offers Unlimited Wireless Service at 40 USD a Month


Verizon has launched a new startup that offers unlimited voice, data and messaging for just 40 USD dollars per month. The company is Visible, which is currently offering this service only for unlocked iPhones. However, there is a catch – in this service, all Internet data connections are throttled to 5 Mbps, which is quite below what Verizon’s network can offer.


Verizon is a premium service, charging one of the highest subscription fees in the United States. The unlimited plan offered by Verizon costs 75 USD a month, which is almost twice of its Visible service costs.

Verizon’s customers can avail an average download speed of 17.7MBPS. But Visible’s service is capped at lower than a third of this speed while using the same network. And, it offers a maximum video resolution of 480p.

Visible service has been just launched, so there is just one way to join it – through invitation. During this “early access program,” customers, who are already using this service, can invite their friends and acquaintances too. In no other way can customers join this inexpensive Verizon service.

Also, this service is available to unlocked iPhones only. This is because, in order to connect the phone to the network, users need an application to be installed on their phones, and currently no Android version of this app is available. Although it’s going to change soon, the company hasn’t disclosed when.

Just a few days passed and there is no information about how many subscribers have joined the service. But, the company is optimistic about their service. The CEO of Visible, Miguel Quiroga told CBS News, “We have been really very happy with the customer interest up till now.”

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