Verizon Successfully Tests Hybrid Information-Centric Networking from Cisco in Its Network


Verizon and Cisco are teaming up to speed up the adoption of Hybrid Information-Centric Networking (ICN), which is an innovative and rising approach to content-information service offerings. By concentrating network communication around “named data,” instead of location identifiers like IP addresses, both Verizon and Cisco consider that they can simplify next-generation network architecture in a life-changing way. The companies are confident that they can also improve user-to-content communication as well as enhance security, storage and mobility in the network.


In cooperation with Cisco, Verizon successfully exhibited Cisco’s open-source ICN software as well as proved its benefits over ideal TCP/IP network solutions for improved mobile video delivery. The test was conducted in a Verizon Innovation Center’s lab in Waltham, MA.

The benefits shown in the demonstration include the main features and functionalities of ICN communication model that consist of dynamic load balancing of media and dynamic adaptive streaming solutions. All these features will enhance user experience dramatically. Further, in the network caching/forwarding, strategies related to forwarding/caching will enhance bandwidth savings and traffic localization in core/backhaul through improved multicast.

Additionally, Verizon also exhibited the main features of Hybrid-ICN by making it simple to integrate the ICN technology in the current IP infrastructure and showed that it can co-exist with the legacy IP traffic.

The technology could play an important role in changing the way people communicate as well as access content over a network in a mobile environment. While both the companies are confident about its positive implications on communication processes, tests are to be done on the reality to get far better results. Moreover, if such a technology would be made available in near future, it can be really life-changing for people as they will get better network with enhanced user experience.

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