How to View or Change Security PIN for Comcast XFINITY Voice?


XFINITY voice account is secured with a single 4-digit PIN which protects access over the phone and Voice features online. In general, new XFINITY customers receive their Voice Security PIN via mail or auto-generated phone call on XFINITY Voice number.

All those who are XFINITY Internet and XFINITY Voice customer, can view their Security PIN or can change it. For this, they only need to sign in to My Account while staying connected with in-home XFINITY network.

Continue reading to know how to view, change, and request Voice Security PIN.

Steps to View XFINITY Voice Security PIN

At first, you have to sign in to My Account from the computer and it should be connected to in-home XFINITY network or you can enter your PIN for account authentication. After this, follow:

  • On the top of your My Account page, you will see Settings, select it.
  • Next, on the left side of the displayed screen, you will see Usernames, Passwords & PINs, select this option.
  • Now, scroll down to look for Voice Security PIN.
  • To view the Security PIN, select the ‘Show’ option and your 4-digit Security PIN will appear on your screen.

Steps to Change XFINITY Voice Security PIN

If you wish to change the security PIN of your XFINITY Voice, follow:

  • At first, log in to My Account.
  • Next, you have to select the ‘Settings’ option from the top of the page.
  • Under the heading of Usernames, Passwords & PINs, you will see Voice Security PIN. Click on it.
  • Scroll down to look for Voice Security PIN.
  • To change your PIN, you have to click on Edit option which is on the right side of the Security PIN.
  • Now, you have to enter your current Security PIN for the verification of your identity. After this, you have to enter your new Security PIN and once again reconfirm.
  • Select the Save icon.

In addition, you will receive a confirmation regarding the changes you have made via email.

Steps to request a new XFINITY Voice Security PIN

When you have not verified your Voice account with the Security PIN yet, you get a ‘You’ll need to verify your identity’ message at the time of signing to My Account.

If you want to request a new one, click on the option ‘Request one Now’. In case you already have your Voice Security PIN with you, click Continue.

In case, you are not subscribed to XFINITY Internet, and neither you have forgotten or know your Voice Security PIN, you can select the option to resent to you. You have to make sure that your contact information is valid and then, select one of the given options:

  • Email (takes 2 hours)
  • Automated call (takes 5 minutes)
  • Direct mail (takes 5-8 business days)

After the selection of the preferred method of contact, you have to select ‘Continue’ option and it will display you a confirmation message.

Many times, the users face problem while following the above-mentioned steps to view, change or request an XFINITY Voice Security PIN. At that time, they can quickly contact us for assistance.

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