Want to Replace Wireless AT&T U-Verse TV Receiver? Now You Can!


AT&T has completely transformed the way of watching television with its U-verse Wireless Receiver, which is entirely Internet-based. The viewers can say goodbye to the limitation to watch their favorite shows on a single device or TV.

The concept of AT&T U-verse is simple. It enables its users to watch TV virtually, without wires, from anywhere inside the home. However, when your receiver gets old, you have to replace it with a new one to let the things keep running smoothly.

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In this article, we will tell you how to replace your wireless AT&T U-verse TV receiver.

Want to Replace Wireless AT&T U-Verse TV Receiver? Now You Can!

Follow the simple and easy step wise instructions below.

Before we begin the procedure of receiver replacement, we have to take a note of the screen resolution setting on the U-verse receiver that you need to replace. The reason is you have to reset or verify the screen resolution on your new AT&T receiver. For this, follow:

  • On your remote, select the Menu option. This will display the menu screen on your Television, in case it doesn’t, skip this step.
  • Next, you have to select Options> System> OK.
  • Now, Select the TV screen resolution (SD/HD) option and press OK.
  • In here, you can note down the details of your current screen resolution.

Procedure to replace AT&T U-verse Wireless Receiver

To replace the AT&T wireless receiver, you have to:

  • Exchange the receivers i.e., old receiver with the new one.
  • Connect the U-verse wireless receiver to your television.
  • At last, pair the new wireless receiver with the WAP (Wireless Access Point) device.

Exchange the receivers

  • First, you have to unplug the power source of your current receiver.
  • Stack the new receiver on the top of the current receiver that you replaced, if possible.
  • With caution, remove the connection one by one from the current receiver and reconnect them to the new one. There is a chance that the back panel of your new receiver might be arranged in a different way, but the names, colors, and shapes will be the same.
  • If your coaxial cable does not have a plastic jumper sleeve, then before connecting the cable to the wall port of your new receiver, slide it over the front side of the connector.
  • Ensure about the hex-shaped notch that it is firmly seated over the connector’s hex nut.
  • Tighten the connector by applying sufficient force using your finger to connect it to the receiver.
  • In case, your old receiver is connected with CAT5 Ethernet cable to the home network instead of the coaxial cable, just plug in the Ethernet cable to your new receiver’s Network port.

Connect the new receiver to the television

Take note: Do not use the power cord of the previous receiver with the new one.

  • At first, connect your new receiver to your U-verse TV and turn it on.
  • With the help of the remote control, select the option ‘correct configuration’. For instance, select HDMI if you have used it previously to connect your TV to the receiver.
  • Now plug in the power cord to the new receiver’s back and another end to the electrical outlet. This will power up the U-verse TV receiver automatically.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes and you will get additional guidelines to complete the setup procedure.

Pair the new U-verse receiver with WAP

Take a note: Do not turn either TV or receiver off during this process.

  • At first, press WPS button on the front of the WAP.
  • Within two minutes, you have to press OK on the front of the new receiver for pairing.
  • Upon successful pairing, you will see the 3 LED green lights lit on the wireless receiver. The Live TV will appear after a few minutes.

In case, you get a connection error or red antenna after pairing WAP and the new receiver.

Follow the given steps:

  • Disconnect the receiver at first and reconnect the power cord closer to the WAP location.
  • Reconnect the wireless receiver to the television and wait for a minute.
  • On the WAP, press WPS button and within 2 minutes, press OK on the front of the TV receiver.
  • WAP and receiver pairing will take a while and after that, the Link light will lit up solid green.
  • Afterward, you can unplug the power cord and reconnect the receiver to the desired place.

In case, you are unable to resolve the connection problem or face any trouble while replacing your wireless receiver with a new one, reach out to our tech support experts immediately.

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