Xbox Support: How To Troubleshoot Common Xbox Issues?

Xbox gaming is one of the most sought after gaming franchise spread around the globe. With its ever expanding gaming base, Xbox has reached into millions of houses.


Having a gaming issue in Xbox is not very common as Xbox makes encrypted games for their equipment but due to some technical or manual faults, a user may face some of the common issues. In case users face some issues, they can easily contact Xbox customer support by dialing the Xbox customer support number or by following the below mentioned troubleshooting guide. Xbox direct customer support number is 1-833-201-7904.

Xbox One Issues And Their Troubleshoot Guide

  • Xbox One not working
  • Xbox One black screen issue
  • Unable to log into Xbox One
  • Xbox one console not working
  • Disc not playing in Xbox One
  • Xbox One won’t update
  • Xbox One not showing WiFi
  • Xbox One not connecting with Xbox live
  • Xbox One WiFi not connecting
  • Xbox One not connecting with TV
  • Xbox One controller not working on PC
  • Xbox One controller not connecting to windows 10
  • Xbox One controller not charging
  • Xbox One controller not connecting with Bluetooth
  • Xbox One controller not connecting with Xbox

Troubleshooting Xbox One

Follow these steps to resolve issues on your Xbox One console:

  • If you are using a disc to run a game but it is not working, make sure the disc is not corrupt or physically damaged. Make sure to use original games discs to run games on your Xbox one as a pirated disc can damage your console.
  • You can resolve the black/blank screen issue by pressing the Xbox button on your console. Pressing the Xbox button will switch you to the Xbox homepage.
  • Check your Xbox Video Mode and make sure it is not set on Allow 24Hz. You can turn it off by going to the Video Output
  • If your Xbox One won;t turn on, verify its connection with the power outlet and see that the outlet is having electricity.
  • You will need a steady internet connection to update the Xbox One device. Check your internet connection and update the device only when you are having active internet connection.
  • Make sure the HDMI cable is properly connected with TV and Xbox console.
  • You can try the power reset method to resolve common technical issue. To reset your device press the Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds until you device turns off. Now press the Xbox button and Eject button till you hear the console starting beep.
  • You can ask for a replacement for your Xbox device if it is in warranty and not working properly. Contact your nearest Xbox store or dial the Xbox customer service number.

Troubleshooting Xbox One Controller

Follow these steps to resolve issues on your Xbox One controller:

  • Check the Xbox One controller and make sure there are no physical damage on the device.
  • If you are using a wireless controller, check its connection and confirm that it is secure.
  • Check the batteries of your controller and make sure they are not discharged. If they are older than 6 months, replace them.
  • If you are using a USB cable to connect your controller, make sure to use a original one.
  • Make sure you haven’t connected more than 8 controllers at one time with your Xbox One. The maximum limit of connected controller is 8.
  • You controller will disconnect automatically if you do not use it after a gap of 15 minutes. To resolve this issue, you can turn off the battery saving feature.
  • If you got a defected piece on with your Xbox One, you can easily place an replacement order. For further details, contact Xbox support.

Troubleshooting Xbox Power Supply

To resolve the power supply issue on your Xbox one, follow these points:

  • Disconnect the Xbox One console from the power outlet. Make sure its adapter is not damaged.
  • Wait till 15 seconds before plugging the device again in the power outlet.
  • Let the Xbox One console reboot.
  • If lights are starting to blink on the console, connect your controller and access your content.
  • If your Xbox One console still won;t turn on, it might be damaged internally and it has to be replaced or repaired. Contact Xbox support for further guidance.

Xbox 360 Issues And Their Troubleshoot Guide

  • Xbox 360 HDMI cable not connecting
  • Xbox 360 won’t start
  • Xbox 360 screen not showing any picture
  • Xbox 360 black screen
  • Xbox 360 controller not working on PC
  • Audio not coming on Xbox 360 games
  • Xbox 360 controller not charging
  • Xbox 360 not connecting with internet
  • Xbox 360 controller not working with windows 10
  • Xbox 360 controller not turning on
  • Power not coming in Xbox 360

Troubleshooting Xbox 360

Follow these steps to resolve issues on you Xbox 360 device:

  • Make sure your 360 console is connected with the power securely. A proper connection will indicate a solid green or solid orange light.
  • If you are getting no light or solid red, it means that the connection is not securely.
  • Check the wires and confirm that they are not damaged or broken.
  • If you live at place where power is not steady, use a stabilizer so that your device do not get abruptly turned off.
  • If your Xbox 360 controller is not connecting with the the console, check the wires and make sure they are in working condition.
  • Some of the Xbox 360 controllers do not work with PC properly so make sure to know about the features in advance.
  • You can dial the Xbox phone number customer service on 1-833-201-7904 to get profession Xbox tech support help.

Xbox One Headset And Their Troubleshoot Guide

  • Xbox headset not working
  • Xbox headset mic not working
  • unable to hear game sound on Xbox headset
  • Audio not coming in Xbox headset
  • Unable to register Xbox headset
  • Unable to assign Xbox headset

Troubleshooting Xbox Headset

You can troubleshoot the Xbox headphone issues by following these points:

  • Make sure your headphone is properly jacked in the controller. If you have another set of headphone, connect them with the controller and see if the controller is able to provide sound or not.
  • Make sure you haven’t enabled the mute option on your headset.
  • Check the audio output level and make sure it is not set on zero.
  • Make sure you have updated the firmware of your controller to get the maximum out of it.
  • Your Xbox One headset will work only with a Xbox One controller so make sure you are using one.
  • You might not be able to use your Xbox One headset if your Xbox One controller is low on batteries.
  • Never let dust or debris to collect on your controller jack as it may become an obstacle in the headset connection.
  • If you need more assistance related with your Xbox headset, you can dial the Xbox customer service phone number.

Xbox One X Issues And Their Troubleshoot Guide

  • Xbox One X video output not coming
  • Xbox One X not turning on
  • Xbox One X unable to get HDMI signal
  • Xbox One X no display issue
  • Disc drive not working with Xbox One X
  • Xbox One X power not coming
  • Disc game not working with Xbox One X
  • Xbox One X no bundle
  • Xbox One X not connecting to WiFi
  • Xbox One X not loading games
  • Unable to sign into Xbox One X
  • Xbox One X not connecting with TV

Troubleshooting Xbox One X

Follow these steps to resolve issues related with your Xbox One X:

  • Make sure you are using the original wires you get in the original box. Never use a local cable with any of your equipment.
  • Most often, display issue occurs due to non supportive content with Xbox One X. make sure the game you are looking to play is configured properly and adaptable to run on your device.
  • If you are looking to play 4K games on your TV, make sure your TV is able to run 4K content.
  • Always use a high speed HDMI cable. Using a normal cable may not let you enjoy the game effectively.
  • Check all the connection and confirm they are secured and connected properly.
  • If everything seems right but you are still unable to use Xbox One X games, dial Xbox support number for further troubleshoot instructions.