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Xerox is an American company that offers a large variety of printers. The printers are good at performance and very pocket-friendly at the same time. But, sometimes, you might have to experience a few technical glitches while printing your documents. What to do in such situations? Don’t worry. We offer the best Xerox technical support services. Our Xerox experts are dedicated to help customers with all the Xerox printer issues and available 24*7. Simply dial Xerox helpline number 1-833-201-7904 and get your issues resolved in no time.

One more thing you should keep in mind that not all the problems need an expert’s suggestion. There are a few things that can be resolved without speaking with a tech support executive. Let’s have a look at a few of the common issues that you may face while using Xerox printers and the basic troubleshooting steps to fix them. In case, the problem is severe and not getting resolved by yourself, you can contact Xerox helpline number 1-833-201-7904 and get instant help. However, before doing that, it will be a wise step to try some troubleshooting tips and fix the error on your own in order to save time and energy.

Common Xerox Printer Issues & Tips To Fix Them 

Technology can be helpful and engaging if all the systems are working perfectly. But if any of the software or hardware do not perform well, delays tend to be costly and frustrating for you. Here, we have mentioned the most common printing snags and their quick-fix techniques to improve your printing experience. By using these tricks, you will be able to easily resolve them by yourself.

It’s Taking Too Long To Print

Nothing can be worse than giving all of your time to a project in order to complete it as soon as possible and when it’s time to take a print out, it’s making you wait for too long. Slow printing may be there for a number of reasons such as a memory issue, an incorrect resolution setting, choice of drivers, etc. Let’s see how you can easily resolve this Xerox printer error by yourself.

How To Fix?

  • High-resolution pictures contain more data for the printer and computer to be processed, that can result in slow printing process. If you don’t want great gallery quality, choose draft, normal or standard mode to print the office documents.
  • For formal pieces or presentations, switch the setting back to the previous one and go for high-quality resolution.
  • If printing large files having complex images is a part of your daily workflow, make sure to add some memory in order to make your printer run smoothly.
  • Another thing you can try is switching from two-sided mode to simplex mode. It will definitely use more paper for printing, but one-sided printing will take considerably lesser time.
  • Apart from this, your driver can affect the speed outcome too. High-end laser printers along with some of the Xerox inkjet printers are available for use with a variety of drivers including PCL, PostScript, and/or the maker’s host-based driver. Generally, PCL is considered as the best driver for office uses because of its faster printing, while PostScript is perfect for the applications and industries more focused on graphics.

Paper Jam Issues

Using the above guide, you will, most probably, be able to fix the slow printing error by yourself, but that’s not the only issue you may end up facing. There are many other Xerox printer issues that may cause an inconvenience while printing. Another such issue is paper jam while printing the documents. Let’s see how you can get rid of the issues of jamming easily by yourself.

How To Fix?

  • The User Guide you got with your Xerox printer or control panel instructions will be enough to help you fix this error easily.
  • Start by checking with the paper path and removing any jammed material. You need to be very careful while taking out any paper that is stuck.
  • If the paper is caught between the rollers, you should follow the user guide and release the pressure.
  • If there is a misaligned paper which is causing the jam error, remove the tray and make sure to position the paper correctly and then put the tray back to its place.
  • Sometimes there won’t be any misfed paper at all. In that case, you have to first remove the paper stack and check if it was squared properly. After that, reposition it in the tray and try again.
  • Also, make it a rule to always make sure that the type of sheet you are using to print the documents is supported by your Xerox printer.
  • Always remember to store the paper at a dry pace in order to avoid moisture content that may make the printing process difficult.

Bad Looking Prints

You are up for a presentation, you are done with the resolution settings, your Xerox printer is working perfectly, everything is going great and when you get the final print, it looks horrible. Smudges, cheap image quality and blurred, faded fonts can make an awesome document look quite sloppy and unprofessional. So, what to do in such situations? Let’s know about all the possible fixing ideas in case of any such issues.

How To Fix?

Try the below-mentioned easy fixes to get better quality prints:

  • Check the print driver to ensure if you are using the right paper or media.
  • Double check if the paper you have loaded in the tray is same as the type selected by you in the printer driver.
  • In some of the Xerox laser printers, the fuser comes with an adjustment option for paper type. In case it is possible to adjust your printer’s fuser manually, check if it’s set right. While doing this, keep in mind that fusers may get too hot so be careful.
  • Check with the imaging unit(s), toner cartridges, and the fuser as they may be damaged. These components may vary with model, so the best idea is to look into the Xerox User Guide.

You may underestimate user guides, quite often, but the fact is, they tend to be helpful at times when you don’t have an idea of what to do next. All you need to do is to read them carefully and adhere to the instructions.

  • In case you are getting smudge marks, try printing several blank sheets and the issue will, most probably, fade away after doing it repeatedly for some time.

If the issue persists, it is more likely because of incorrect supplies or hardware.

Printer Not Printing At All

The next entry in the common Xerox issues’ list is, nothing happening at all. It is also one of the most common issues that the Xerox users face while printing. Let’s know how to resolve the issue easily.

How To Fix?

  • First thing to be checked is if you have sent the job to the right Xerox printer. You must have been printing several documents at a time and it’s very easy to get confused.
  • To set your Xerox printer as default, click on ‘navigate to Printers and Faxes’ if your OS is Windows. Right-click the printer icon and then click ‘Set as default printer’.
  • Don’t forget to check if there’s enough, correct kind of sheets in the tray. While doing this, make sure that you have turned on your Xerox printer and all the cables are well secured.
  • Your computer requires the print driver to be installed on it before you try to take a print. Make sure to check with the same before you start printing.
  • And finally, in case Xerox printer just doesn’t print or the print job seems to be stuck, the easiest way to fix the issue is to restart. Start with restarting the software application. In case that didn’t work, reboot the computer. And at last, turn off your Xerox printer for 2-3 minutes and then switch it back on. 

Old Or Outdated Technology

We experience this many times. Your printer has always been nice to you, following every single command without a hassle, and you must have developed an attachment with it. It fits your needs and has the configurations as you want. And yet, you have started to notice a few hiccups, like a grating noise, or may be a collating problem sometimes. What would you do then? Let’s see.

How To Fix?

You need to accept the fact that your Xerox printer has served you for a really long period of time and it may be the perfect time to replace it, keeping in mind the expenses of holding onto an outdated legacy. So, when you’re ready to replace, consider a new model with all the latest features. You can see a complete list of Xerox award-winning products at

In case, you cannot resolve any of the above-mentioned errors or facing any other issue that is not mentioned here, you can contact Xerox Experts @1-833-201-7904 and get your issue resolved in no time.